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Eroticism in the Poetry of Manolis Aligizakis
Poet Manolis Aligizakis has familiarized himself with the tragedy by seeing life through the multi-faceted lens of observation and by living experiences that gave him the ability to perceive first-hand… more

From Diapers Hill to Widows’ Hill
Homes in Don McLellan’s old Renfrew Heights neighbourhood now sell for a million-plus. He remembers when it was a low budget haven for returning veterans…. more

PW Bridgman’s The Mars Hotel featured in Dancing on the Edge festival
The Mars Hotel began as an ultra-short story by Vancouver writer P.W. Bridgman… The resulting piece was to be a gift to his wife, but has morphed into much more…. more

Review: Hear Me Out
Three months after asking her lover to leave, Tzoutzi Matzourani is tormented by his absence…. more

Review: Standing at an Angle to My Age
In “The Long Outing,” one of the stories in P.W. Bridgman’s Standing at an Angle to My Age, an introverted young man recalls his childhood rejection of language and family: “I opened my mouth and let her… more

‘George Seferis–Collected Poems’ by Manolis shortlisted for Greek National Literary Awards

Manolis’ Ubermensch reviewed on

Ken Kirkby featured on Mima Gallery website

“Variety and Longevity”: George Seferis’ Collected Poems

Friedland reads “Second Wedding” in Richmond

Doris Ray discusses “Common Threads” on Mixed Race Radio

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