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Paperback 5.5 x 8.5 in
230 pages
ISBN: 9780980897968
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“I was continually surprised by the twists in the story. I found out more about Jonathan’s character with each turn of the page and the ending really made me think about life in England in the 1950s.”

C. M. Miller, Burnaby

“This first novel opens up a world of domestic warfare almost as full of treachery as any Cold War drama. When I reached the last page I discovered that I wanted to know what happened next, not just to the hero, but to the other characters as well.”

Jacqueline Stafford, Surrey

“This book provides an enlightening look at life in England in the 1950s where the struggle between the classes is just below the surface. I was never sure who were the heroes and who the villains, but enjoyed the story nevertheless.”

Carolyn Crosby, Crescent Beach

“The story unfolds with a host of interesting details that portray life in those days quite realistically. Jonathan, the central character, is caught between two sides of the class war and I was intrigued that neither side emerges with much credit in the end.”

Michael Linggard, Surrey


This novel draws you into the class warfare in England in the 1950s. The beautifully crafted story-line is anchored in historical events of the time that add realism and capture your attention until you turn the last page. Well-developed characters flesh out an intricate plot which is centred on Jonathan, a young man with special skills.

You will be kept in suspense, wondering whether Jonathan is part of the upper class or merely a pawn in the hands of a clandestine agency. His ability to call on stagecraft and deception will captivate and enthral you right to the last page, leaving you wanting to know what his future will hold.


Passe Partout will take you deep into the East End of London, most of which is under the control of the country’s most successful criminal gang. I enjoyed the way actual historical events are used to heighten the reality of life in the shadow of the gang. Here you’ll find our hero, Jonathan a young man with some very special skills.

A fascinating account of the lifestyle of an upper class family follows. The family is threatened by Death Duties and a sudden change in its financial position.

It wouldn’t be fair to give away how the hero falls under the sinister control of a clandestine agency, nor how he uses stagecraft and deception to escape from danger at each twist of the plot. But keep your eyes open for these same techniques are used by the author to keep the reader guessing.

By the end of the story I felt that Jonathan’s successes ought to have rewarded him with a grander and more comfortable lifestyle.

But there’s seldom justice in a time of war.”

about the author

Sam Wharton was born in England and educated in the British boarding school system and then joined the military. At the completion of military service he came to Canada, where he spent several years in research and development in a hi-tech company and later joined the federal public service. He began writing after taking early retirement in 1997 and is a frequent correspondent for local and national newspapers. He is currently working on the third volume of a trilogy loosely based on his own experiences in post-war England.