Paperback 5.5 x 8.5 in
220 pages
ISBN: 9781926763194
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“Doris Riedweg’s third novel, ‘Water in the Wilderness’, is the story of God’s abundant supply in the sometimes barren wilderness of life. Indeed, Tyne Cresswell finds herself in just such a wilderness in this thrilling sequel to ‘Still Waters’.

This is the author’s finest novel to date, written with grace, precision and feeling – an extraordinary story of faith, tenderness and suspense. ‘Water in the Wilderness’ is a book we thrust into the hands of friends, saying “You’ve got to read this! You’ve got to read this now!””

Billie Askey, BN, MScN


Happily married to her beloved Morley, Tyne Cresswell is content in her dual role of farmer’s wife and hospital nurse. Then a late night conversation with one of her patients sets in motion a series of heartbreaking events that neither she nor Morley could ever have imagined. But, throughout her darkest nights, Tyne learns that God does, indeed, provide water in the wilderness.

In this fast-paced sequel to Still Waters, author Doris Riedweg brings to life the latest challenges faced by the young nurse Tyne Milligan Cresswell. Tyne’s calm and contented life with her husband Morley takes a dramatic shift when she agrees to the fervent wish of a patient. Opening her heart, Tyne soon learns that love and vulnerability can have a high cost. She is forced to battle through a dark “wilderness” of anguish and fear.
Amidst the swirling snow of a blizzard, both children and adults struggle to make sense of new circumstances that they could never have anticipated. As the drama unfolds, Tyne is surprised to receive help from unexpected quarters. But it is her own faith and resolve that may determine the fate of her loved ones and of herself.
Riedweg’s writing has a passion and clarity that pulls us right into the hearts of her characters, into a prairie landscape we can almost smell and taste. For a while, we too are living and breathing in Alberta in the 1950’s…

Anthea Farr
editor & freelance writer

about the author

Doris Riedweg is the author of three previous novels. Her articles and short stories have appeared in several major newspapers, as well as in Canadian literary magazines. Two of her short stories have won awards in writing contests.
Doris is the editor and coauthor of The Hospital on the Hill, a history of Langley Memorial Hospital, published in 1997; and the author of Strawberry Shortcake, a history of Elliott School District in Saskatchewan.
A native of Saskatchewan and a graduate of Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing, Doris lives with her husband John on a farm in Langley, B.C.