Press Release
March 31, 2018

Libros Libertad, since 2006, has published 75 fine books of poetry, fiction, biography, children’s books, translation and memoir written by 50 awesome authors. We are proud to have done so without getting financial support from any agency.

For the last 12 years, Libros has endeavored to keep all the books in print and available while trying several times to acquire funding to support our operations but we were not awarded any grant. Due to this reason and other challenges faced by a small press in today’s literary publishing industry, it has become impossible for us to carry on.

Libros Libertad is willing to revert the rights of each book to its author in order for each author to re-print, re-launch and promote their respective books as needed. Authors will be able to print their books at the same printer or any printer of their choice; a nominal fee will be charged to modify the publishing information in the PDF files of the cover, backcover and credit page.

Libros will continue to promote on its website the books of the authors who choose to stay.

Please respond by contacting Manolis at: