Family Immortality


     For many years I had been lost but my brother found me

“how you discovered me?” I asked; he showed me his crutch

“dad wants to sell the house” he said, “which house?”  I asked

“we never had a house, dad died because of this,”

“you are mistaken”, he said “they had filled the casket with

old clothes”; “but of course” I said “what else would my dad

want with all the hand me downs they always gave him!”


     “Come in, come in” I said to the gathered people, “where

could they fit”, I thought, “all my relatives in there are dead”

but, luckily, I remembered that in that lone room where

we lived, it happened like that all the time, whenever

we had a visitor, whoever slept in our house woke up

in a hurry and escaped through the back door.