Poem from the book EL GRECO


Your agony pierces

the cracked wooden base

of Earth and hovers over

your ethereal forehead where

all human humdrum turns

into celestial.

Your agony I taste

as I sit on the chair you

once sat.

In the chromatic aura of

the devout room I sense

your heartfelt desire for divinity

on the velvety canvas where

you gave birth to all perfection

I smell your passion

on the devotional palette

a witness to your fiery enthusiasm

to position man next to angels

I detect your torment.

Your desire to turn man

into the cherubic essence

of the spiritual I sense.

I feel your inspiration

your devotion and your piety

I smell in the vaporous air

of your room, in the fleshless

images on the canvas,

your passion I endure.

What an overwhelming sweet

warmth in the arms of life

like a thunderous return to

the everlasting roots of our island.