Dolphins, banners and cannon shots.

The sea once so bitter for your soul

carried the many-coloured and glittering ships

it swayed, rolled and pitched them, totally blue with white wings

once so bitter for your soul

now full of colours in the sun.

White sails and sunlight and the wet oars

struck the stilled waters with a rhythm of drums.

Your eyes, gazing, would be beautiful

your arms, extending, would shine

your lips, would be alive, as they used to be

before such miracle;

you searched for it

           what did you search for in front of the ashes

or in the rain, in the fog, in the wind

even when the lights were dimmed

and the city was sinking and from the stone pavement

the Nazarene showed you his heart

what did you search for? Why don’t you come?

What did you search for?