Therefore I sit and contemplate: what man has that is

            truly his

since my life assumes its importance when I narrate it

to someone like daylight that is important to the blind

            who, at least, need to be seen

thus I sleep in peace knowing that someone else risks

            on my behalf,

the one they know, only that each morning, just not

             to betray myself,

I have to gather the broken pieces of the nightmare

             and uncle Elias,

very old, powdered with talc, since he lived humbly,

returned each Christmas and spent his evenings

making birds, not real ones, just to make sure they

wouldn’t lift up the house again;

in fact, one night I retried and I swore with such

empathy that the few cloths I had placed in the room

             almost dried up, yet

just that, and the bed, Judas the Iscariot, betrays me

             to them every morning
I therefore preferred to walk aimlessly, a truly delight

             to my kind of people,

and then I truly found myself close to my life, like

the very sick who love the next fellow and who

stand absentmindedly under the trees or wear old

pajamas or die fast like honeymoons

and Mr. Such and Such was very joyous when he made

money though that didn’t stop him from slapping

            me two or three times a day 

so that my poor mother’s milk went bad and we had

to exhume her so other seasons wouldn’t be in danger;

besides how can I learn new tricks at my age? In fact

I’d like to stop here for a moment as it happens in old

transcribed glorious documents or like the drunkard

who stands in front of the icons for a while before he

goes to spend the funeral money on drinks and

then the expulsions from parish to parish, short affairs

with the handrails, mysterious way of wearing

            the same hat all the time

and this woman at the end of the road, so forgotten

that her steps are heard from inside all the fairy tales;

then there is always a sorrow for ourselves in all  

            our illusions

like our true residence that lasts as long as a song.