With my loving heart I got to know you, wild forest.

I drank your secret fragrance in the kiss of the wind.

I waited to pass through you in the moonlit night

when the airy ghost went through your branches.

I got to know you during my erotic nights, wrinkled

sea as if the forehead of contemplation, my thought

went over you like a caress and your bloomed edge

with the fragrant seaweed would always invite me.

My erotic nights got to know you my beautiful flowers

diaphanous, shaded, colorful like lighted signs.

The heavy dew, a kiss and golden fluff

appeared on your eyelids tightly shut in darkness.

Now, bestowed onto the light of denial and altered,

you show me that I may lose my mind’s path.

Are you truly what I knew well? My beloved

flowers, the silvery sea, thick forest full of pines?