Paperback 5.5 x 8.5 in
220 pages
ISBN: 9780978186593
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“Terzis irresistibly captures both the charm and the dark side of Greek island life. His characters are wrapped in mystery and the reader gets completely caught up in their intriguing pasts which Terzis unfolds slowly and seductively. This fast-paced book entwines good and evil, pleasure and danger, and you keep turning pages wondering which and who will win.”

Ellen Bonepath
author of Days of Atonement and Nona

“In Fantasy Land, Greek-Canadian novelist Nikitas Terzis gives a wonderfully twisted, upbeat answer to humankind’s most nettlesome question: “How old is old on an Aegean party island like Ios?” He treads his way past the blithe young animals comatose on the beach after a night of drunken sex to offer us instead a seductive mix of more adult pleasures–suspense, true love, and vengeance. A fine, semi-arid tale to inspire anyone looking for more than sun and sand on their Greek island escape.”

John Brady Kiesling
Greece-based ex-diplomat and columnist, author of Diplomacy Lessons


The island of Ios is a rock surrounded by turbulent seas in the middle of the Aegean. It has lent itself to the sun, to drink, to drugs and sex for young people and it has become the party island of the world. And Burt Curtis is left on its jetty and finds a room with a view.
In a world where each day dawns at sunset and ends at sunrise, Burt drinks juice, doesn’t swim or stay in the sun and falls asleep by nine-thirty. So why would a misfit come to the island? To the receptionist of his hotel, he confirms that he is on vacation. To Manolis, the local restaurant owner, he remarks that he is an island drifter. To Charlotte, the pretty girl with the chic blonde hair, he discloses that he is scouting for his travel agency. And on a note, he declares that he has come to finally meet Homer, the ancient poet who died on the island three thousand years ago.
But if the man’s purpose is inexplicable, his very behaviour is mysterious. Is he being secretive or deceitful? Is he writing poetry and taking photographs or dealing in drugs? Is his heart full of love or hate fuelled by his savage instincts? And if we could see beyond illusion and into reality, if we could leave the fantasy land we all inhabit and step out into the real world, what would we see behind his shady face?
Who really is Burt Curtis and what is he up to? What does he want? And how far is he prepared to go?

about the author

Nikitas Terzis was born in Athens in 1953 and grew up in Canada. He received his M.Eng. from the University of Toronto and held a variety of engineering design jobs in Canada and in Greece.
His first novel, The Adventures of Asher, Frude, Bonham, was published in Greek by Ellinika Grammata in 2004.