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“Whether it is about chasing cows or dreams Ross Buchanan captures the simplicity of the soul that resides at the heart of modern day western life. A brilliant, flowing, easy-to- read and inspiring book of understanding, love, and compassion. Life on the ranch and the natural setting where such life unfolds is detailed. The beauty and transcendence of pristine ranchland is clearly defined as a path to a happier way of being.”

– Ted Kuntz
author of Peace Begins With Me

“There is simply no one I would rather read on the subjects of the love for horses and the psychology of human comeback than Ross Buchanan. Ross has created his own niche in modern day westerns by focusing on the real stuff… the bumps and glories of life. His love of the prairies and their people is evident in this tale of pain and possibilities.”

– Lucille Nicholas
Murray Creek Ranch

“A book with an exceptional human touch; flowing plot, phenomenal imagery of the plains and the vastness of the blue sky, yet deep in the emotions it creates as the reader discovers what it really means for a person to find themselves.”

– Manolis
author of Petros Spathis


He Rode Tall is an inspiring story of hope and possibilities.

The merging of a love for horses, the psychology of human comeback and the power of hope has resulted in the creation of this inspiring modern day western novel.

He Rode Tall is the life journey of Joel Hooper, a fifty-year old who, as a teenager, escaped a tyrannical father on an impoverished ranch in Montana. Fleeing to the west coast, Joel graduates from engineering school and makes a name for himself as a maritime engineer at seaports around the world.

Years later, escaping once again only this time from a struggling career and self-imposed destruction as an alcoholic wasting away in Hong Kong, Joel inherits and returns home to what remains of the family ranch, the Circle H. Joel’s commitment to ensure that the ranch survives focuses on the uniquely rich breeding and talent of the small band of quarter horse broodmares and their offspring that Joel inherits from his father. Joel is able to utilize the genetic power and athletic talent of the horses to succeed in the western performance horse sport of reining. In doing so he makes, or rather remakes a name for Hooper Horses, the Circle H and himself.

Not only does Joel come home to Montana, more importantly Joel comes home to himself. It is at home that Joel discovers not just the serenity, sanity, stillness and silence deep in the rolling hills and pristine grasslands of Montana but even more importantly, Joel discovers himself.

about the author

Writer, Horseman, Leadership Adviser and “lover of life” – Ross Buchanan is the author of the modern day western novel… He Rode Tall.

Raised on the prairies, Ross has inherited a passion for pristine grasslands and rolling hills. An avid horseman his entire life, he has been in the saddle since an early age.

Professionally, Ross serves as the CEO of Strategic Results International, a Leadership Development Firm he personally founded.

Ross and his wife Charleen divide their time between summer at their wilderness retreat, Paradise Springs, above the sage in the high country of British Columbia, Canada and their winters on the west coast.