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“With her unique style and attention to detail, novelist Doris Riedweg brings to life the culture of the mid twentieth century. Still Waters is a beautiful story of love, and of power, prejudices and intolerance between individuals, families and church affiliations. The author has woven many twists and turns into the plot. Just when the reader figures out how it will unfold another surprise is waiting.

This is also a fascinating account of hospital training schools of that era with their expectations and demands on student nurses. Residence life and strict adherence to rules, both on and off the wards, reflect the cultural mores expected of women in that decade.”

Billie Askey, BN MScN

“Even as late as the mid-twentieth century marriage between people of different faiths was frowned upon by adherents to both the Protestant and Roman Catholic churches. So, in the eyes of her staunchly Catholic father, Tyne Milligan has committed the unpardonable sin of falling in love with a man of the Evangelical faith. In Still Waters, Doris Riedweg paints a graphic picture of the struggles and conflicts that result from such an alliance.

Moreover, Riedweg draws upon her nursing experience to bring to life another era in hospital training schools by her skillful portrayal of the drama played out in the lives of staff, their patients and families. Still Waters is a delightful yet thought-provoking read.”

Loreena Lee
author of Satin Shoes


In 1951, Tyne Milligan is in her final few months of nurses’ training in Calgary, Alberta. She is looking forward to graduation and her eventual marriage to the man she loves. But, because that man is not of her faith, Tyne finds herself in bitter conflict with her staunchly Roman Catholic parents. Then two unrelated events shatter her confidence. One of her two best friends makes a life changing mistake; and Tyne’s plans for her own future crumble.
Will a promising career and the love of a handsome young doctor be enough to make up for what she has lost? The answer will come only when Tyne learns to face up to reality, and trust her life to God.

In her second novel, author Doris Riedweg propels us seamlessly into the challenges faced by a young woman, both in her chosen profession and her personal relationships. The year is 1951 and Tyne Milligan, a Catholic nursing student in Calgary, Alberta, is engaged to the man she loves. She is also eagerly looking forward to graduating with her two best friends. But the events of Tyne’s future are as unpredictable as Alberta’s weather. Her engagement crumbles and one of her friends faces her own dramatic challenges.
Tyne is swept into a promising new relationship, heartily approved of by her over-bearing father. Yet all is not how it seems. Although Tyne is viewed by her friends as “still waters” for her calm composure, inside she is anything but. Desperate for guidance, Tyne relies on her faith and tries to listen to her own heart. In this turmoil, it is nursing that helps Tyne to grow more confident – a confidence she will need to make the difficult choices that lie ahead.
Riedweg writes with compelling honesty, and we can easily relate to not just the central character, but to a tapestry of realistic characters, endearing or otherwise.

Anthea Farr
Freelance Writer and Editor

about the author

Doris Riedweg is the author of three previous novels. Her articles and short stories have appeared in several major newspapers, as well as in Canadian literary magazines. Two of her short stories have won awards in writing contests.
Doris is the editor and coauthor of The Hospital on the Hill, a history of Langley Memorial Hospital, published in 1997; and the author of Strawberry Shortcake, a history of Elliott School District in Saskatchewan.
A native of Saskatchewan and a graduate of Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing, Doris lives with her husband John on a farm in Langley, B.C.