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“This Warrior Painter is an inspiring story of dedication to a cause. Ken Kirby’s memoir is bound to bring a much deeper awareness to the plight and importance of our Coastal rivers and streams while exposing the effects human activities have had and continue to impose on fish habitats and spawning grounds.”

Ben Nuttall-Smith
author of Secrets Kept / Secrets Told


Ken Kirkby ‐ Warrior Painter reveals that Kirkby’s truth is stranger than fiction. An internationally acclaimed artist, student of quantum mechanics and a 21st C. warrior, he is, best of all, a modern day Alchemist turning paintings into gold and gold into fish ‐ or more precisely, into healthy, fish-bearing streams.
Driven by insatiable curiosity, Ken is a passionate storyteller, many of the best dredged from his own life. Beyond a memoir, this is a compilation of discoveries, betrayals and reflections. It celebrates the determined recovery of a broken man ‐ and the revival of a decimated river system.
Readers find themselves convinced, as Ken Kirkby is, that every single person has the power to make a difference and several people with one common goal can change the world.
This is a man who, in the words of an anonymous scribe, is the stuff from which legends grow.

about the author

Patricia Fraser‘s career has enabled her to savour history and ambience from Canada’s Yukon to Australia to the Pacific Northwest of British Columbia. A lengthy affiliation with The Writer’s Craft, a Canadian editing service, provided the nuts and bolts of strong writing.
Her fictional pieces often draw on childhood experiences in the Yukon, while a current work-in-progress is set amongst the Northwest coast Haida and Tsimsian First Nations. She is equally comfortable with non-fiction.
Ken Kirkby ‐ Warrior Painter is a biography focussing on one of Canada’s most inspiring advocates. “Kirkby’s determination to make a positive difference in the way we treat our land is an important subject,” she says, “but, with a larger-than-life character like Ken, magic cannot be overlooked.”
Patricia writes from Salt Spring Island and enjoys quality time with her children, Jennifer, Bruce and Douglas, and their busy families on the West Coast.