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67 pages
ISBN 978-1-926763-47-7
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A Chapel Opens In the Heart

When a chapel opens in the heart one day,
a home that ends hunger and thirst,
a visitor enters to lift you up.
No need of nails, vinegar says a salt-dry tear,
thankful only, no kneeling, just resting,
the sorrow thick as incense:
invisible birds trace frescoes on walls of silence,
groping for new words to heat
the empty space. If a chapel opens in the heart,
whatever is left behind will stay.

about the author

ISTVÁN TURCZI (1957) is a Hungarian poets widely known and acknowledged within and outside of his country. He published twenty volumes of poetry, five novels, numerous plays and radio dramas. he has received the highest literary awards and orders including Poet Laureate, Prima Primissima and the Knight’s Cross. He is also a noted translator, rendering the works of Australian, Finnish, Israeli and Scottish authors into Hungarian. His own pieces have been translated into seventeen languages; his poetry collections were published in France, Germany, Israel, Norway, Romania, Taiwan and USA. In 1995 he founded the only Hungarian poetry journal, and then six years later his publishing house, both named Parnasszus. He serves as the Secretary General of the Hungarian PEN Club and as the Chairman of Poets’ section in Hungarian Writers’ Association. And he is the 2nd Vice President of World Congress of Poets. In his remaining time he loves to write lyrics to pop-rock music, and is happy to teach creative writing at Metropolitan University, Budapest. He feels proud and privileged to having had the first collection of his poems published in Vancouver, Canada.