Eteo’s thoughts ran from one scenario to the other. He knew a few of his colleagues were talking about him and Susan. It was obvious, but his stomach was in knots and his pulse accelerated as he walked back to his office. He sat and turned his chair eastward.

A few minutes later he turned back to his list and focused on the task at hand. He made a few calls. He cleaned up a few accounts. Time passed quickly again until the closing bell announced the end of trading. He said goodbye to Helena and Logan and left.

His mind was all over the universe as he drove along West Georgia Street toward North Vancouver. The traffic was heavy, unusual for this time of the day. One of the reasons Eteo enjoyed his job was that he had to start very early, since the stock market got going from 6:30 am, and so he finished equally early in the afternoon, at 1:30.

He arrived at his house just before Alex arrived from school with his buddy James, a well-mannered boy and the only one of Alex’s friends who showed respect when he was around Eteo. They both greeted him just as after he had changed into his afternoon clothes ready to go for his walk.

“Do you need anything, son?” Eteo asked. “I’m about to go for my walk.”

“No, Dad. You enjoy your walk. James and I will play video games.”

“Okay, but don’t be late getting home. We’re going out to Mythos for dinner.”

“Today, Dad? It isn’t Saturday, you know,” Alex joked.

“I know what day it is. I have my plans. I’ll also introduce you to my new flame,” Eteo laughed.

“Oh Dad, come on…a new flame? Again?”

 “Please come home early and clean up. We’ll go out around eight.” With these words Eteo left the house and drove to Ambleside Park. Fifteen minutes later he was ringing Ariana’s door bell.  

“Hello, sweetheart,” he said when she opened the door.

Ariana hugged him at the door and then added a long erotic kiss as soon as he stepped inside the apartment. Eteo pushed the door shut and locked it behind him.

“Would you like to go for dinner later tonight with me and my three guys?”        “You want me to meet your sons and nephew?”

“Yes, if you feel like it? Or does the idea make you uncomfortable?”

“No, not at all. I’d love to meet them. I wasn’t sure you were ready for something like this yet.”

“What’s to be ready for, sweetheart? We’ll go and have dinner, simple as it sounds,” he reassured her, then added, “By the way, your portfolio looks good so far. Have you checked it?”

“No, I haven’t, my love. I trust you … with everything,” she replied, giving him a kiss.