The contour of Tagos

defines your eastern border

beyond which lie all

the pious wheat fields

with their holy reverence

western bank caresses all

homes and the dreams of angels

humble city mother of art

yet so much richness

hidden in your heart

behind the veil of sunlight

behind the husks of the

un ripened corn

Toledo, humble poor city

yet, with wide open arms you

accept an orphan man

and his vision, an orphan man

and his passion, like

the vast wheat fields

welcome rain. Toledo.

What did you see in this man?

Toledo. How long had you

dreamed of a man such

as this man?


How long have you longed

for such a soul?

Δομήνικος Θεοτοκόπουλος, Κρης εποίει

A young man a new city

a new home a modest little smile

on the lips of life

which unfolds towards perfection

a Cretan’s inspiration

a desire for excellence

for white dreams

a Cretan’s white dreams

images from heavens

Toledo. You’ve graced him with

a home, a base for

this young lonely Cretan.