Stone crucified by the wind —

the wind, the silence

nothing is heard

only the heartbeat of the stone

and the stone of the heart that is

slowly, heavily, steady shaped

by anger and grief.

A lot of stone

a lot of heart

to build the factories of tomorrow

the big apartment buildings

the red stadiums and the great

cenotaph for the heroes of the Revolution.

We won’t forget the monument for Dick

yes, yes, our little dog Dick

of the Moudros team

which the cops killed

because it loved the exiles.

A monument for Dick

a stony dog

with his wide rump

with two drops of loyalty in his eyes

with his raised upper lip

showing his left tooth

ready to bite

the heal of the night

or the shadow of the cop

or the long and narrow pause of the flashlight

that placed a slab of silence

between our words and hands.

Yes, let us not forget Dick, comrades

our friend Dick

who barked at night by the main Gate

opposite the sea

and fell asleep each daybreak

by the shoeless feet of Freedom

with the golden fly of the Morning Star

on his popped up ear.

Now Dick sleeps in Lemnos

always showing his right tooth.

Perhaps we may hear again Dick barking joyously

during the demonstration day after tomorrow

going back and forth under our flags

with a small sign down with tyranny

hanging off his left tooth

Dick was a good dog

let us not forget of him, comrades, our friend

Dick that was killed on our front lines

since he loved our comrades a lot.