Poem by Odysseus Elytis


I mourn the sun and I mourn the years that will come

without us and I sing the others that have passed

if this is true

the bodies spoken to and boats that hummed sweetly

guitars flickering underwater

the believe me and the don’t

once in the air once in the music

the two small animals, our hands

that longed to climb secretly one on the other

the flowerpot with the dewdrops in the open yard gates

and the pieces of seas coming together

above the dry rocks, behind the stone walls

the anemone that sat on your palm

and the mauve trembled thrice for three days above the waterfalls

If these are true I sing

the wooden beam and the square weaving

on the wall, the Mermaid with the unbraided hair

the cat that watched us in the darkness

Boy with the incense and the red cross

the hour evening comes on the rock’s inaccessibility

I mourn the garment I touched and the world came to me