Erotic Poems After Death



and I became a shy animal

I discover wings I wrap myself

I find nests I hide

humble grass I winterize

lately only my extremities shine

my fate has turned into

something deep and unbearable

uncertain, it touches me, it vanishes.

I don’t now, ah, I don’t know anymore

how all the rest live

how they survive among the clouds

vague images of passion

how the moon rose up

from the earth again

as the soil played the role of the Assumption.

They survive

with a dark seed inside them

a dark tree grows

becomes the big leafed

tree with many dead, tree

of the fear and disappearance.

Soft like a snail

I’ll die crawling

moist, unconscious

my tough fleshy body

will stay behind with the cypresses.

You touched me and I forgot

in what decadence I’d stop existing

I who brought love

the seed and death

I, the fresh one, at dawn,