Paperback 5.5 x 8.5 in
169 pages
ISBN: 9781926763088
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“Loreena Lee has written a fluid and compelling novel about Evelyn, a young woman struggling for a better life on the Alberta prairie in the 1930’s. With all the strength she can muster, Evelyn learns to be resilient and dares to do what she had never dreamed of doing before. Readers will be swept along with the author’s vivid rendering of prairie life and the passion of a woman who struggles against the restrictions of a male-dominated society. This is a moving tale that is gritty and honest in all the right places. ”

Anthea Farr
freelance writer & editor

“Prairie people will be reminded of home and younger readers revel in Evelyn’s journey to maturity and freedom in Loreena Lee’s riveting tale of life in the 1930’s.”

Robert W. Mackay
author of Soldier of the Horse


In the 1930’s, men carved out their realm on parcels of land on the Alberta frontier. With their wives and families, they coped with poverty, hard work and loneliness.
After her mother’s death, Evelyn is left on a remote Alberta homestead to care for her sisters and the household.
Soon her father bargains to marry her to a man she has never met, and she sees a chance to leave her meagre existence behind. Her dreams for a life shared with love begin to fade as she is left alone once again to care for the home, but this time, completely alone in the middle of the vast prairie.
At last she finds work as a housekeeper for a bachelor, who makes her a bargain. Will Evelyn be able to find her way to a better life? Or will her hopes be shattered once again when all is not what it seems.

about the author

Loreena M. Lee, afca is an established artist, has instructed beginning artists for over 40 years and has exhibited her work since 1973. Her work hangs in corporations and private collections in Canada, as well as Hungary, Germany, Denmark and the United States.
Her first novel, “Satin Shoes”, was published by Libros in 2009. She illustrated the children’s book, “Dragons I Know”, published by Ryan Publication in 2009.
Her cookbook, “Kitchen Tales,” was issued in 2010.
As well as a biography entitled, “The Gabor Sisters of Smoky Lake”, she has published two art text books, “Drawing, the Theory of Relativity”, and “The Shapemakers Guide to Composition”, and has produced two training videos, “Finding Negative Space”, and “Sea and Snow, Techniques in Watercolor”.
Memberships include the Federation of BC Writers and the Langley Writers Guild. She is a signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.
Currently, she’s working on her third novel and her memoirs.