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“To Attila F. Balázs, poetry represents a manifestation of the individual’s resistance and the lucid “chronical” of hypothesis (either theatrical prefabricated or genuine) adopted by the one who is caught without his will in the decayed texture of the social game. (…) A sublime authentication breathes (undiminished by the postmodern register) in his poems that long for love, a feeling that the lyrical ego confesses he has not lived entirely: “there will be a moment when each word will lose its meaning/and we will still understand each other/when we’ll toss out any harmony:/and night’s adopted children/we will slide in the dirt like the dirt/one against each other/and in the dirt that/will wrap us within its woven capillaries.” (“Something Is Still Missing”) Love is similar to accepting the difference, the poet says with an emotional humility, in “Naked Knights,” adept of the incendiary word: “And only then shall you rejoice/When ember there will be/in the dove’s beak!” (“The Way He Tells His Lover”)
Simona-Grazia Dima: Naked Knights (in Luceafarul)
“We find ourselves in another world, with experiences of consumed denial and indifference, where personal experience has different attributes, especially, fears. Everything starts in a low voice, in a benumbed silence, where the epic is broken in sentences (“eternal is only the place we can’t hide” or serious questions (“did the indicator stop? or does the world spin with it?”) I can affirm that the entire construction has three “corridors,” themes: the uprooting, faith and love. They are not visible, marked and lighted. They intertwine, separate and fuse together.

Traian Stef: Lamentation and Lucidity (in Family)


Sisyphus Betrayed
On my forehead stubbornness budding
hey, how many times I’ve wished to start all over
with a blooming fiery hand
to fight with the stone and
light flowing underneath my skin
I wouldn’t mind to be crashed
to get rid of the bad fame
where’s that rock
where’s that mountain?

about the author

Attila F. Balázs
Poet, writer, editor, translator, Born in Tg. Mureş on 15. 01. 1954
Theoretical High School of Ditrău
Roman-Catholic Institute of Theology Alba Iulia, 1973-1976
1976 Puppet Theatre, Târgu Mures, puppeteer
1977-1982 Education and Training Centre Librarians, Bucharest
1976-1977 Puppet Theatre, Târgu Mures, puppeteer
1978-1989 Librarian at Miercurea Ciuc Public Library
Since 1989 he lives in Bratislava
1990 reporter at Radio Bratislava
1993 columnist at Szabad Újság and Új Szó periodicals
1993 manager at Editura Madách
1994 he founded AB-ART Publishing House that he is still managing
2011 editor-in-chief at Szőrös Kő, editor at Poesis International
Won second place at the National Festival of Poetry “Baladele Dunării”, Ed. IX, Galati, 1987
Madách Award, Slovakia, 1994
International Festival of Poetry Award, Sighetu Marmatiei, 2009
Honoured Citizen of the city of Nandaime, Nicaragua, 2010
USR Award for translations, branch Arad, 2010
Great Prize Lucian Blaga , 2011
Lilla Award, Hévíz, Ungaria, 2011
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