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ISBN: 9781926763309
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“I love this novel. Robert Friedland knows so much about Chinese culture. Reading this novel is like reading the writer’s heart, and entering the world where Chinese women become intertwined with the West. Doctor Geneva Song is clearly destined become one of fiction’s legendary women, but in truth, it is because she is a real woman of flesh and blood and passion. Bravo!”

Zhou Wen
Editor, China Business Magazine

“The Tragic Marriages of Doctor Geneva Song is like a fine red wine: complex, surprising, satisfying, leaving you wanting for more. Friedland’s prose is quietly poetic and his narrative voice subtle and hypnotic. The story is at once otherworldly yet as familiar your own image in the mirror.”

Reed Farrel Coleman
three-time Shamus Award-winning author of Innocent Monster

“As a lawyer who has been a human rights advisor and a city councilor, not to mention a sheriff and a cowboy, among other professions, Robert Friedland writes with candor, humor and an intimate knowledge of the world – but also with a perhaps surprising tenderness and understanding of the human spirit.”

Cynthia Ramsay
Publisher, Jewish Independent

“Reading Friedland is like eating in a gourmet restaurant in a frontier town-robust language and tough characters capable of the most delicate insights and the tenderest feelings – at the same time, surprising and satisfying.”

Thomas Friedmann
Damaged Goods

about the author

Born in New York City in 1947, Robert N. Friedland has been the Sheriff of a Judicial District; an investigator for the United States Treasury Department; a Regional Director of the Alberta Human Rights Commission; Human Rights Advisor for Malaspina University-College; a two-term City Councillor in Victoria, British Columbia; and, Chief Lawyer for a group of seven First Nations in the Interior of British Columbia. He currently practices human rights and administrative law in Vancouver, British Columbia.
He is a widely published commentator on the international, Canadian, and British Columbian political scene.
His stories and short fiction have been published in the United States, Canada, England, and Japan in: The Fiddlehead (Canada); NeWest Review (Canada); CBC Radio,(Alberta Anthology, Edmonton On Stage, Vinyl Cafe); Raw Fiction (Canada); Stand (United Kingdom); The Petroleum Independent (U.S.A.); Entre Nous (U.S.A.); The Casper Journal (U.S.A.); The Abiko Literary Quarterly (Japan); CITR FM, the University of British Columbia’s FM radio station (Canada); and, The Broadkill Review (U.S.A.).