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200 pages
ISBN: 9781926763323
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“Doris Riedweg’s novels are addicting. The reader finds it almost impossible to lay one of her books down until the very end.
Wellspring of Love is heart touching; it makes you both laugh and cry, and gives encouragement. Love, loss, family and faith – the struggles we each face – come to life in the characters the author creates. Riedweg truly has a God given talent.”

Billie Askey, BN, MScN

“Sixteen-year-old Rachael has been raised in a loving Christian family. This captivating story recounts the teenager’s struggle between the expectations of her adoptive family and the frequently fatal attraction of a more “modern” world. Readers who have enjoyed Doris Riedweg’s first and second books in the Water Series will undoubtedly enjoy Wellspring of Love.”

Ben Nuttall-Smith
author of Blood, Feathers & Holy Men; and Secrets Kept/Secrets Told


In this third novel in the Water series, Riedweg quickly draws us into the turbulent world of the Cresswells’ adopted daughter, Rachael. Now 16, Rachael yearns for more freedom and excitement than a prairie farm has to offer. While her younger brother is blissfully content tending cows, Rachael is not, preferring instead the company of her wild older cousin. This attraction both puzzles and concerns her parents, but they are distracted by an unexpected challenge of their own.
Rachael’s frustration brims over, leading to a rash decision. Slowly but surely, she is pulled into a dangerous, shadowy world. Her inner strength and faith are sorely tested, as are those of her family. We, the readers, become desperately hopeful, trudging wet city streets with a girl whose teardrops feel like our own.
Seamless and compelling, Wellspring of Love is a not just a story of peril and courage, but a testament to hope, faith and love.

Anthea Farr
freelance writer, editor


You know that you have picked up a good book when reading it interrupts your daily routine and you don’t mind at all. That’s the joy of Doris Riedweg’s Wellspring of Love. The novel turns again to the Cresswell family of her two earlier novels, and to the theme of familial love. It doesn’t take long for Doris to spring a surprise: The warmth, loyalty and stability of the family is threatened when one of their children is lured into the wretched life of Vancouver’s squalid Downtown Eastside, the drugs and prostitution that seem so far removed from the Cresswell’s Prairie farm. Wellspring of Love speaks to the power of God’s love and the freedom that comes from forgiveness.

Natasha Jones
award-winning journalist, photographer and co-author of the novel, Surfacing

about the author

Doris Riedweg is the author of three previous novels. Her articles and short stories have appeared in several major newspapers, as well as in Canadian literary magazines. Two of her short stories have won awards in writing contests.
Doris is the editor and coauthor of The Hospital on the Hill, a history of Langley Memorial Hospital, published in 1997; and the author of Strawberry Shortcake, a history of Elliott School District in Saskatchewan.
A native of Saskatchewan and a graduate of Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing, Doris lives with her husband John on a farm in Langley, B.C.