He paid the server, and they walked to the seawall together and headed back toward Ambleside. There were so many people walking today that they sometimes had to walk single file. When that happened, Eteo let Ariana go ahead of him but didn’t miss the opportunity to take her by the waist for a moment; she responded positively, smiling back at him every time. When they reached the parking lot where Eteo had left his Jaguar, she came with him to his car but instead of saying goodbye she asked, “Would like to come upstairs to my place for a while?”

Her apartment was only two blocks away and once inside, on the sixteenth floor, she showed him her wonderful view of English Bay and asked him if he wanted a drink. Eteo had other things on his mind. He took her delicate waist and pulled her to him. As their lips locked in a passionate kiss, he felt her body against his and liked the feeling. Ariana was a woman with Mediterranean fluidity, not skinny like a model but well-rounded and supple. She responded passionately, making it clear that her body was ready to be explored from top to bottom. Still clinging to Eteo, she took slow steps backward until they were in her bedroom. They kissed and undressed each other until they were under her sheets naked. Eteo enjoyed the smooth skin of Ariana’s still youthful body, which he touched everywhere, giving her goosebumps and arousing her sexual hunger until she responded with murmurs such as “Oh God, I want you” and “I haven’t felt this way in a long time” and “Eteo, Eteo, how horny you make me.” Without warning she went down on him and took his firmness in her mouth, which forced her to stop her murmuring but took Eteo to seventh heaven.

Erotic sounds and sensual smells flooded her beautifully furnished bedroom until she needed him inside her, and opening to him, she accepted him deep in her body with wild moaning and movements that brought him to climax within minutes. Those were minutes shared in unison, moments that elevated both of them to the heights of ardor, moments of erotic consummation they shared that neither of them had enjoyed for some time.

Ariana lay next to him, their pulses slowing and even the air of the room seeming to relax on the soft bed-sheet and under it and on the leaves of the flower in the corner of the room while Ariana, content from her erotic climax, still murmured “it’s been so long since I feel this” and “it’s been such a long time,” words that filled the room with a sense of fulfillment and pleasure, words that were felt by her small flowerpot on one side of the bedroom window overlooking English Bay, with the ships anchored and waiting to get inside the harbor to be loaded with Canadian grains destined for hungry mouths around the world.

Then Ariana turned her back to Eteo and moved herself against his body, arousing his desire again, and when she felt his erection ready for her body she took him in her hand and guided him behind her. This was something Eteo hadn’t experienced for a long time. He hadn’t had anal sex for years, but her desire to guide him there turned him wild and without any hesitation he followed her movements, passionate and unorthodox, yet satisfying and exhilarating. He experienced his climax with spasms of pleasure such as he had never felt before.