Eteo got up even earlier than usual that Monday, since he wanted to catch up with a few things. At around ten Rebecca called to ask which name to reserve with the department of companies in Victoria. She mentioned she had proposed three names including Alexa Ventures.  Eteo suggested Alexa Ventures Ltd as first choice and Rebecca called soon after to confirm that the name had been reserved.

“George Beaton will come to see you soon with a new property agreement for Alexa Ventures,” Eteo told her. “You only have to add the company name and prepare the official documents for the directors to sign.”

        “Who would you like to use this time, Eteo?” Rebecca asked.

After a moment of thought Eteo said, “Let me groom Mitch for this. I’ll talk to him first, but Peter will certainly not mind joining, and Beaton will be happy to serve as mining advisor to the company. Can you ask him when he comes with the property agreement?”     

 “Very good. I’ll work on the papers right away in case you’re in a rush for this filing.”

 “Yes, actually.” Eteo replied. “I would like it done sooner rather than later, which reminds me I have to talk to the shareholders I have in mind and collect the funds as soon as you have the subscription forms ready.”

“I’ll stay a little longer tonight if that’s the case. I should be able to get everything sorted out in a couple of hours,” Rebecca promised.

“I could pass by and keep you company for a while after I finish here, or better still, go home, have my walk, and come to your office around, say, five?”

“That would be great,” Rebecca eagerly replied. “We could finalize the details together…”

“I love those details, Rebecca.”

“I do too, Eteo.” With this coy exchange, their understanding was sealed.

True to his word, George Beaton passed by Rebecca’s office an hour later with the details of the property agreement, then he went on to Eteo’s, where the two men went over the proposed work program once again. Next Eteo called Mitch and asked to include his name as an Alexa director. When Mitch agreed, Eteo’s work for the day was done, and he went straight to the parkade.