He smiled at her. Yes, he would love to talk business now. Yes, she had been superb in their erotic interlude. Yes, he and Rebecca had enjoyed their secret pact for a few years now. Whenever they met, it either happened or did not. It was never prearranged, never thought about in advance, never pretended, only thought about when it happened, and they loved it every time.

He watched Rebecca put on her clothes, enjoying every step of the process. Then she went to the bathroom and emerged a moment later looking professional and businesslike again. She sat down next to him and talked business as if nothing but business had ever happened between them. Eteo listened carefully and agreed on what needed to be done for his new company, now registered under the name Alexa Ventures. While Rebecca talked business, Eteo played with her combed-up hair and neck and ears to the point of giving her goosebumps, and Rebecca loved every moment of this but without giving any hint of her awakening desire.

But when she had finished talking business, she let him undress her to nothing and let him place her on top of him and ask her to make him feel as wild as he had felt earlier, and Rebecca did her best and rode his firmness deep inside her and like an amazon gave him the utmost sexual pleasure once again. They both went to heaven and back numerous times until they couldn’t have anymore, and then rested in each other’s arms until the time came for Eteo to drive to North Vancouver and Rebecca to her husband and child in Kitsilano.