Pacific Trends had a private room in BC Place, purchased at a hefty price and used mainly for promotional purposes. People whose accounts or influence the firm was courting were invited to all the big games and wined and dined there. Eteo had gone to a few of these sessions before and enjoyed the experience every time, but especially during those rough days soon after his divorce. His productivity had taken a dive, and the boss had been worried, since Eteo had always been a very steady producer, always in the top ten of the company’s 145 or so brokers. But the boss, Eteo’s colleagues, and various friends had all stood by him. Robert had been especially supportive, taking Eteo out almost every evening. After making sure that Eteo had taken care of supper for the boys, Robert would show up to take his friend for a drink several times a week, a habit he had maintained for a good year until Eteo had gotten back on his feet both socially and professionally and was busy and happy again.

          Back in his office after meeting Bradley, Eteo checked Platinum Properties and saw at least 100,000 new purchase orders from Pacific Trends alone. He gasped at the sight of all these orders of five and ten thousand each and even a couple of twenty thousand share orders. Logan ran into his father’s office, almost panicking.

 “What happened, Dad, what did he say? What are all these orders doing all of a sudden?”

 “I guess Brad liked what I told him about the stock, son. Keep an eye on what they buy that isn’t ours”

“I’ll do that, for sure, but what did you tell him?”

Eteo laughed. “Only that the big boys haven’t started coming in yet, exactly as Herbert said it to me.”

The phone rang. It was Herbert. He sounded out of breath, as if he had been running.

        “Good job, Eteo, good job. Stay with this one. You won’t regret it.”

Eteo laughed again. “Thanks, Herb. Thanks a lot.”

Looking at the stock once more, he noticed that Pacific Trends had taken fifty thousand shares of the offers. That pushed the stock up six more cents, leaving a good sixty thousand share purchase order on the low end. Eteo turned to Logan with a grin, “They obviously like the stock all of a sudden. Let them buy as much as they like, but keep an eye out for when they look like they are going out in case they plan to do that soon.” Logan just nodded and walked back to his desk.

Eteo’s phone continued ringing all day long because of Platinum Properties. Even Mario called again, almost at the end of the trading session, to say how pleased he was that Eteo decided to stay with Platinumfor the long run. Eteo asked him to pass by for a minute or two after the market closed and Mario agreed and said he would bring the Nostra Ventures subscription forms with him. Half an hour later, Mario Messini was sitting in Eteo’s office, his face gleaming with satisfaction. He waved the forms at Eteo.

“How many copies did you say you needed? I only brought two.”

 “No worries, I’ll make some,” Eteo assured him. “Let me see,” he mused as he studied the forms and thought about who to involve in this. “Two for Robert and three for me, five altogether.”

“I have to admit, Eteo, that I liked your aggressive buying at the end of the day,” Mario said. “It up-ticked the stock at once and left it looking very good for tomorrow’s opening.”

 “What can I say,” replied Eteo, smiling. “I like the company, and I certainly like its trading pattern over the last two weeks. I’ve talked to my people, and most of them will stay. Some even bought some extra stock today, but I should also let you know something. Just between us two. I have your word, right?”

Mario nodded yes.

        “The boss is buying most of it.”

        “Connors? Hell no! Are you sure?”

Eteo told him about his meeting with Bradley Connors while Mario shook his head.

“I don’t know whether to take that as good or not,” he finally replied.

“I know what you mean, but look at it this way. Even if the boss has a short fuse, as everyone says, at least for the next few days most likely, he’ll be on the buying side. We can’t know when he’ll go to the other side, but it is what it is.”

“Of course,” Mario replied. “The market is for everybody after all, for flippers, for serious investors, and for us. I shouldn’t complain really. Well done Eteo, honestly, well done.”

With that, he got up, shook Eteo’s hand, and headed for the elevator without another word, leaving Eteo absorbed in thoughts of what his boss would do with the position he was buying.